Appliqued spring pillows


One of my aunts has been making home decor pillowcases for different seasons for a few years, and has sent me several, which I have gladly used to brighten up our living room for holidays from Christmas to Halloween to the Fourth of July.

However, she had not given me any spring pillowcases (I’m not calling these “Easter” pillowcases as I intend to leave them out all spring), so I set about making some for myself. I got a half yard of each of these fun coordinating fabrics (So St. Croix Carla Dot  in brown and aqua, along with Pin Dot in Hot Pink) from, and used my favorite envelope pillowcase tutorial as a base.

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Crib sheets



My sister- and brother-in-law decorated their baby boy’s room in royal blue and bright red, with a Mickey Mouse theme. I lent them a hand and made two fitted crib sheets, a matching pillowcase (for when baby becomes a toddler, or for tired parents to use in a rocker), and — updated — two flat sheets, too.

I used this crib sheet tutorial from Made, and tweaked it slightly to color-block the sheets so that a different color shows through the crib slats from the side. I love that the sheets are fully fitted for a crib, and that the elastic is encased – things that make it easier on parents when they are changing baby sheets all too frequently! The photo shows one of the sheets on my son’s toddler bed – yep, full-size crib sheets fit on toddler beds, extending the life of those sheets.

For the pillowcase, I followed this envelope pillowcase tutorial, because I love envelope pillowcases for kids. They stay on much better than traditional open-ended pillowcases. Love this tutorial, and you can use it for any square or rectangular pillow, decorating, color-blocking or otherwise mixing up fabrics in pretty much any way, as long as the final measurements are correct. So easy, and can be done with just a four seams if you keep things simple.

Updated: When I posted this, I asked my sister-in-law “Did I make you flat sheets too?” because I couldn’t remember.. and that is why I started this blog, so I can keep better track of all the sewing projects I’ve completed! In any case, toddler flat sheets are super easy. Because a toddler bed is so narrow, you can make them with just about any fabric you want without having to worry about the fabric width (that’s really great since character or quilting fabrics, which make fun sheets, tend to have narrower widths). Here’s a tutorial that gives dimensions and walks you through how to make a toddler flat sheet and a pillowcase from a twin flat sheet (good for upcycling or Goodwill finds); and here’s one that shows you how to make a toddler flat sheet with one fitted end, which is handy since toddlers like to kick their sheets off.