Quick smock fix

Took a quick break today from pattern modification and cutting out dresses. My son’s preschool uses smocks that velcro closed in the back… Or at they used to velcro closed, but the velcro had given out. The teachers had been using anything from binder clips to duct tape to keep the smocks on, so I volunteered to fix them. Eight smocks came home with my son on Friday.

Here is the before:

And here is one of the afters:

All eight are now done and ready to be dropped back off tomorrow morning!


Mending Sunday

So, you know those lazy weekend days with nothing to do? Yeah, me either, which explains why my mending pile had grown out of control.

Yet, somehow, today at 2:30, the house was clean, grocery shopping was done, the final load of laundry was in the washer, all the other laundry was folded and even put away. I don’t know how that happened.

But with an entire rainy, cold afternoon to get stuff done, I resolved to make headway on the mending pile.


Here is my pile of accomplished items: one sundress (top of slit had ripped open), one top (lengthened), one t-shirt (v was stretched out, added an inset), one skirt (skirt had pulled loose from waistband), two pairs of leggings turned into bike shorts (holes in the knees). Um, I guess my daughter is rough on her clothes? (I also fixed two loose elastic waistbands by adding in a new piece of elastic, sewed on a button for my husband, and added my daughter’s three latest badges to her girl scout uniform.)


Here’s my pile of items still to mend. Still quite a few. Too-tight fleece pants, two more pairs of holey leggings, two pairs of my son’s jeans and a pair of his sweats with holes in the knees (the jeans are now too small… Oops), a linen skirt of mine in which the elastic gave out, and a pair of my husband’s shorts with various holes.

Some of these are easy (leggings, sweatpants), some are just sad (too-small jeans and fleece pants). Some will be fun (how to upcycle those shorts?).

In any case, I reclaimed some of my sewing space. Yay! Hopefully I can finish off the other easy items soon.