Tiana Halloween costume, part 1


I have a couple hours… Let’s see how fast I can sew!

Updated 5 p.m.: I went from a pile of bodice pieces to a bodice. Not too bad, considering all the finished seams on the sheer parts.

Updated 8:30 p.m.:
Well, you know I couldn’t leave it at that, since the hard part of the main dress was done. Still have to put in the zipper, hem the bottom and sleeves, and make the overskirt/apron thing. Oh, and make a prince costume for her frog 😛

Updated 10:15 p.m.:
Started putting together the overskirt, hemmed and edge is rick-racked. Need to attach the skirt to its waistband and put on the decorations.

5 patterns for $5!

JoAnn had one of their 5 Simplicity patterns for $5 sales over Mother’s Day weekend… I made the mistake of taking the kids with me, so they picked out some costume patterns, swearing this is what they will want for Halloween… Here’s what we ended up with:


My son says he’s going to be the Knight (top right image on top left pattern) for Halloween, my daughter wants to be Tiana (but check out that awesome Mad Hatter costume in the same package), the stuffed animals were a compromise (we actually wanted the stuffed animal pattern on the previous page in the book, but the chicken/egg thing is cute), and the bottom two are going to be used by me for the next Project Sewn challenge.

Did you make it to the 5 for $5 sale? What did you grab?

Dragon costume



While I try to keep the sewing fair and balanced, it’s tough – dresses are simply easier to make than, say, suits. So last fall, when I was heading to JoAnn to pick up patterns on $1 day, my husband said I should bring my son and let him pick something out. Of course, he picked a dragon costume for Halloween, and I got to learn how to do lots of new things: Make the stand-up “scales” on the back; make the wings (using bent hangers); insert a front zipper; and applique the panels onto the front. The whole ensemble turned out great, and is a favorite for dress-up play. It even inspired his birthday cake (below).

2013-01-25 23.45.57