Girl’s patriotic outfit

I made this patriotic dress for my daughter right before Memorial Day, and as I mentioned, I was a little concerned that the points on the cutout star on the back wouldn’t stay up over time. True enough, after a couple washes, they started flopping around.

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Late-night crafting

Last week, I ordered some fabric for the last Project Sewn challenge this season, my “signature style.” (Update: Read about my signature style outfit here!)  But I also ordered enough fabric to make my daughter a dress, and a matching outfit for my son. The dress I thought I could knock out quickly and easily, using patterns I already had (and had worked with previously), and since it is Memorial Day weekend, I thought I’d make it for her to wear for the holiday. Continue reading

Christmas ensemble, part 2: My daughter’s dress and jacket


For my daughter’s dress, I used the reverse side of the same polka dot fabric that I used for my top and skirt. The dress features a standard bodice with a round neckline, an A-line skirt, and is sleeveless. It has reverse pleats along the waistband for some visual interest.

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Easter “formal” dress

easter-outfit easter-dress

This Easter dress was totally inspired by the display at JoAnn’s. You know, the display right by the entrance, where they try to entice you to buy the new fabrics and patterns by making a couple of them and putting them on the mannequins? Well, I usually walk straight on by those, but this time, I was enticed. I fell in love with the pink ruffled knit fabric they had on display and thought it would make a great Easter dress for my daughter.

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Custom girl’s reversible dresses, part 1


I’m working on two adorable versions of my girl’s reversible backless appliqued dress right now, and I couldn’t wait to share the fabric selections.

The first dress will be “Toy Story” themed on one side with accents of the green-striped fabric and blue star fabric; The other side will feature the pink froggie fabric and have accents of the green stripes and pink flowers. I’m not sure what I’ll applique on this one – trying to decide between a rocket, a sheriff’s star, a flower or a frog. Too many cute options!

The second dress will be “Cars” themed on one side and and have the red and blue flowered fabric on the other, with accents of the red and blue starred fabrics on both sides. I’m thinking of doing a car applique on this one.

I’m looking forward to seeing how these both turn out!

Reversible appliqued girl’s backless dress


I had been longing to make my daughter a scrappy dress for a while, and I finally accumulated the right pieces to make this dress!

I designed the dress myself, and love how it turned out. I can make custom versions of this dress with the fabrics of your choice in sizes from 3-8 for $50 per dress. If you’re interested, just message me on Facebook.

If you want to make a keyhole-backed dress on your own, there’s a tutorial here – I didn’t follow this method, so I can’t vouch for it, but the results look similarly cute.