Project Sewn: 80s, part 2


Like, it seems, several other folks participating in the Project Sewn sew-along, I was initially puzzled by what to do for the 80s challenge. 80s clothes, while fun, don’t exactly seem like they would work easily into my wardrobe in the 21st century. Continue reading


Project Sewn: Sundress


This week’s Project Sewn challenge was to make a sundress. Last year, I made my daughter this maxi dress, and made myself a matching skirt. When I posted photos, my friends suggested that I make a maxi skirt with the same skirt pattern, so I bought this fun quilting cotton (on sale at A.C. Moore, $10 for 3 yards!) with that intent. Unfortunately, that was August, and the fabric promptly found a home at the bottom of my stash, waiting for time/warm weather. Continue reading

Project Sewn, black and white: part 2


Woohoo! It’s the first ever Project Sewn contest, and this week’s theme, for both the designers and sew-alongers such as myself, is Black and White. This is one of those trends that I’ve been seeing all over the red carpet, and I don’t have too much of in my own closet, so it was fun to create something. Continue reading

Easter “formal” dress, part 2: My dress


For my own Easter dress this year, I wanted to tie in the stripes from my daughter’s dress and the colors (green, blue, pink) from my son’s shirt (picked up on sale at Gymboree a couple years ago for $4). I also was intrigued by the vintage style dresses where the pattern goes one direction on the bodice and another on the bottom. I found this striped chiffon fabric and thought it would work well, mixed with some sheer blue chiffon.

Continue reading

Shirred cotton girl’s dress, matching 18″ doll dress and shoes

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My daughter picked out this fabric on sale, and I turned it into three projects. Here are the first two – a shirred girl’s dress with flared sleeves, and a matching 18″ doll dress along with matching sandals.

Shirring is quite fun, and an easy way to make dresses and skirts, since the elastic means that you don’t have to put in a zipper or buttons. Just slip on the dress and the rows of elastic make it stay up and fit nicely!