Jackie Rabbit

bunny_final bunny_progress

My daughter’s kindergarten class was tasked with “stuffed animals” for the theme of their basket for a school basket auction fundraiser, and rather than go and buy a stuffed animal, I thought it would be more fun (and more unique) to donate one that I had made.

I found this great Jack Rabbit softie pattern, and used various scraps of fabric that I had on hand (most left over from my daughter’s Rapunzel Halloween costume), I made this little pink-and-purple bunny. I think she’s more of a Jackie Rabbit than a Jack Rabbit 🙂

I embroidered the eyes instead of using buttons, to make this more all-ages suitable, and only ran into one mishap (which the pattern had explicitly warned against) – I accidentally sewed one of the ears into a side seam. But luckily it was an easy thing to fix. The kids and I had great fun stuffing the bunny, although the leg joints are tiny – I used a funnel to get the stuffing in the legs.

This was a great pattern, and I will definitely make more of these little bunnies in the future as gifts – I wanted to make more for Easter this year, but the timing just didn’t work out. Maybe for next year!