Christmas clothes, 2013 edition

Here’s my plan:
Me: dress (mostly done)
Daughter: top (started), skirt (barely started), jacket
Son: vest, pants, fake bow tie

Can’t believe it’s almost halfway through November! Gotta get sewing!


Tiana Halloween costume, part 1


I have a couple hours… Let’s see how fast I can sew!

Updated 5 p.m.: I went from a pile of bodice pieces to a bodice. Not too bad, considering all the finished seams on the sheer parts.

Updated 8:30 p.m.:
Well, you know I couldn’t leave it at that, since the hard part of the main dress was done. Still have to put in the zipper, hem the bottom and sleeves, and make the overskirt/apron thing. Oh, and make a prince costume for her frog 😛

Updated 10:15 p.m.:
Started putting together the overskirt, hemmed and edge is rick-racked. Need to attach the skirt to its waistband and put on the decorations.

Selfish sewing “week,” part 3


I finished my fall dress! Not quite during Selfish Sewing Week… but I did finish it! Moving on to my daughter’s Halloween costume (actually got the costume cut out before I hemmed and cuffed this dress… Shhh).

I LOVE this pattern, it fits great, I love how the darts give it shape (even though they are a PITA to make), and I think I’m going to make more. The polka dots were tricky to deal with on the seams… I only really tried on the front seam and they don’t quite line up. But the dress fits perfectly and goes perfectly with the boots I bought to go with it (before I had even cut the dress out, LOL).

And the sleeves turned out pretty well – they are a little tight around the shoulders but loosening up as I wear the dress more. I think I’ll try to make them a bit wider next time, if I can figure out how. I’m not sure it the proportions would be off with long sleeves… what do you think?

(Edited to add – didn’t even realize this week was the fashion era challenge at Project Sewn! Linked up at Project Sewn and iSew, even though this is not my best photo ever.)

Selfish sewing week


I’ve been planning to make this dress for 10 months… The perfect project for selfish sewing week! Still need to hem the bottom, add cuffs to the sleeves (which I think I may shorten as well), face the neckline, put in the zipper and sew up the rest of the back seam. I’m debating adding a bow to the front (it’s an option in the pattern). Really hoping to be able to finish this dress this week, so I can start on my daughter’s Halloween costume.

This is based on the same pattern as my 80s dress, but I added sleeves (modified an existing sleeve block), and it’s sewn from the leftover fabric from last year’s Christmas outfits.