Selfish sewing “week,” part 3


I finished my fall dress! Not quite during Selfish Sewing Week… but I did finish it! Moving on to my daughter’s Halloween costume (actually got the costume cut out before I hemmed and cuffed this dress… Shhh).

I LOVE this pattern, it fits great, I love how the darts give it shape (even though they are a PITA to make), and I think I’m going to make more. The polka dots were tricky to deal with on the seams… I only really tried on the front seam and they don’t quite line up. But the dress fits perfectly and goes perfectly with the boots I bought to go with it (before I had even cut the dress out, LOL).

And the sleeves turned out pretty well – they are a little tight around the shoulders but loosening up as I wear the dress more. I think I’ll try to make them a bit wider next time, if I can figure out how. I’m not sure it the proportions would be off with long sleeves… what do you think?

(Edited to add – didn’t even realize this week was the fashion era challenge at Project Sewn! Linked up at Project Sewn and iSew, even though this is not my best photo ever.)


Project Sewn: Signature Look

sig-front2 This week’s Project Sewn challenge was to create a signature look. My first thought was, “Well, everything I’ve made so far is pretty much in my signature style.” My second thought was, “Except that I’ve only made dresses.”

While I do wear dresses a lot (nothing is easier than just putting on a dress in the morning), I also wear a lot of separates. In the winter, that tends to be sweaters and pants, but in the summer, I go with blouses and skirts a lot of the time.

My signature style:
Tailored or fitted
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Shirred maxi dress with pockets tutorial

sundress_frontFor week 2 of the Project Sewn sew-along, I made a shirred maxi dress with fabric from my stash, which I had purchased to make myself a maxi skirt last year. Hey, skirt, dress, whatevs, right?

This dress is very easy to wear and construct… so I put together a tutorial as I was making it.

This shirred women’s maxi dress tutorial owes a great deal to No Big Dill’s girl’s maxi dress tutorial, which I adapted previously to make a dress for my daughter and her doll, to Running with Scissors’ shirred pocket skirt tutorial, which I had used to make a skirt for myself (that I’ll blog about eventually), and to Sewaholic’s tutorial on sewing inseam pockets.

If you’ve never shirred anything before, it’s great fun and really easy! Basically, you’re just sewing lots of straight lines across the right side of your fabric, with elastic thread in the bobbin.

Update: If you use this tutorial, I’d love to see the results! Please comment with a link to your dress. Thanks!

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Project Sewn: Sundress


This week’s Project Sewn challenge was to make a sundress. Last year, I made my daughter this maxi dress, and made myself a matching skirt. When I posted photos, my friends suggested that I make a maxi skirt with the same skirt pattern, so I bought this fun quilting cotton (on sale at A.C. Moore, $10 for 3 yards!) with that intent. Unfortunately, that was August, and the fabric promptly found a home at the bottom of my stash, waiting for time/warm weather. Continue reading

Project Sewn, black and white: part 2


Woohoo! It’s the first ever Project Sewn contest, and this week’s theme, for both the designers and sew-alongers such as myself, is Black and White. This is one of those trends that I’ve been seeing all over the red carpet, and I don’t have too much of in my own closet, so it was fun to create something. Continue reading