Christmas ensemble, part 2: My daughter’s dress and jacket


For my daughter’s dress, I used the reverse side of the same polka dot fabric that I used for my top and skirt. The dress features a standard bodice with a round neckline, an A-line skirt, and is sleeveless. It has reverse pleats along the waistband for some visual interest.

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Easter “formal” dress

easter-outfit easter-dress

This Easter dress was totally inspired by the display at JoAnn’s. You know, the display right by the entrance, where they try to entice you to buy the new fabrics and patterns by making a couple of them and putting them on the mannequins? Well, I usually walk straight on by those, but this time, I was enticed. I fell in love with the pink ruffled knit fabric they had on display and thought it would make a great Easter dress for my daughter.

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Shirred cotton girl’s dress, matching 18″ doll dress and shoes

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My daughter picked out this fabric on sale, and I turned it into three projects. Here are the first two – a shirred girl’s dress with flared sleeves, and a matching 18″ doll dress along with matching sandals.

Shirring is quite fun, and an easy way to make dresses and skirts, since the elastic means that you don’t have to put in a zipper or buttons. Just slip on the dress and the rows of elastic make it stay up and fit nicely!

Leggings upcycle into skirt



What do you do when your kid rips holes in the knees of her leggings? I upcycle the leggings into a skirt (and a matching skirt for her doll out of the leftover fabric).

This is very easy to do. Cut off the legs at the holes and even the length. Rip out the center seams of the leggings (up until the crotch seam, leaving the seams in the front and the back) and turn them so that the legs are now the front and the back. Cut triangular panels out of the discarded bottom of the legs material, and sew on the new “sides” of the skirt.

I use hair elastics for the doll waistbands.