Rapunzel dress

2012-10-01 00.06.20

This was my daughter’s Halloween costume last year. I wanted to make her a real dress, instead of over-spending on a store-bought costume. She wears this dress all the time and it’s held up wonderfully!

Of course, I had to make a matching doll version out of the remnants.


Dragon costume



While I try to keep the sewing fair and balanced, it’s tough – dresses are simply easier to make than, say, suits. So last fall, when I was heading to JoAnn to pick up patterns on $1 day, my husband said I should bring my son and let him pick something out. Of course, he picked a dragon costume for Halloween, and I got to learn how to do lots of new things: Make the stand-up “scales” on the back; make the wings (using bent hangers); insert a front zipper; and applique the panels onto the front. The whole ensemble turned out great, and is a favorite for dress-up play. It even inspired his birthday cake (below).

2013-01-25 23.45.57