Easy swim cover-ups

I found some cute beach towels on sale last week, then went surfing on pinterest to find easy cover-ups that I could make out of them.

My main requirement was that the towel was still useable as a towel… ie, it could lay flat. Plus, I only picked up one towel for my daughter and one for myself, so any two-towel methods were not going to work.

Then I found this pin. It’s a towel top, and you can get it on Etsy. She’s got some cool colors and buttons, but if you already have a towel, here’s what to do!

Ignore the Olaf photo bombs, LOL, my daughter was not into posing!

How to make this easy swim cover-up:
Beach towel, the thinner kind are easier to sew
Button, the kind that stand away from the fabric
Two small hair elastics

1) find the center point on one long edge of the towel. Sew a button at this point, on the right side of the towel. (This will now be the top edge of the towel.)
2) tack a hair elastic on each of the corners of this same top edge, on the wrong side of the towel, so that they stick out past the edge. I tacked each one down a couple of times by simply using a tight zigzag stitch over the elastic.
3) that’s it! To wear, hook the elastics over the button. This connection will go behind your neck, and your arms go through the large gaps made by looping the towel together.
4) you can also add pockets to either the inside or the outside of the towel. So you don’t have to carry a towel and can even use your towel to carry other stuff, like goggles!

Front view
Back view.

Close-up of how the elastics and buttons connect in the back.

My son’s Olaf towel poncho, which was definitely not as easy but still only took a couple hours, was made by using a combination of this Olaf hooded towel tutorial and pattern and this towel poncho tutorial.




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