Selfish sewing “week,” part 3


I finished my fall dress! Not quite during Selfish Sewing Week… but I did finish it! Moving on to my daughter’s Halloween costume (actually got the costume cut out before I hemmed and cuffed this dress… Shhh).

I LOVE this pattern, it fits great, I love how the darts give it shape (even though they are a PITA to make), and I think I’m going to make more. The polka dots were tricky to deal with on the seams… I only really tried on the front seam and they don’t quite line up. But the dress fits perfectly and goes perfectly with the boots I bought to go with it (before I had even cut the dress out, LOL).

And the sleeves turned out pretty well – they are a little tight around the shoulders but loosening up as I wear the dress more. I think I’ll try to make them a bit wider next time, if I can figure out how. I’m not sure it the proportions would be off with long sleeves… what do you think?

(Edited to add – didn’t even realize this week was the fashion era challenge at Project Sewn! Linked up at Project Sewn and iSew, even though this is not my best photo ever.)


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