Girl’s patriotic outfit

I made this patriotic dress for my daughter right before Memorial Day, and as I mentioned, I was a little concerned that the points on the cutout star on the back wouldn’t stay up over time. True enough, after a couple washes, they started flopping around.

4th-dress-backSo I got some thin red ribbon (with cute little white polka dots) and went about solving the problem! I cut three lengths of the ribbon and hand-stitched them into the lining of the star at each point, and then again at the top point of the star. Then I added a ribbon bow with different lengths of ends, so that the ribbons that are used to hold up the points look like part of the ribbon bow. The bow is on a pin, so that it can be easily removed for washing.

I had to make her a matching bow for her hair, of course (I ended up putting that on a headband made out of the navy blue fabric).

4th-shorts-dressBut, I also made what every little girls needs under a skirt… a pair of shorts! I turned the red striped fabric so the stripes were vertical (because who wants horizontally striped shorts), and designed a little star pocket for the side. I made the star wide and with a curved bottom, so that it would be a serviceable pocket. I followed (with a different shape) this “lined patch pocket” tutorial from ikat bag.  Once I had the pocket sewn together and flipped, I edge stitched the bottom into place using navy blue thread, then sewed across the top edge of the bottom two points (so that the pocket has a curved bottom edge and little things won’t get stuck in those bottom points). I then top stitched it in white to match the back of the dress.

4th-shortsHere’s a side view – hey, it’s a star! The top point and edge are interfaced so hopefully they will hold up well.

Next up on my sewing table… my son’s outfit for the 4th! Next up on this site… a tutorial on how I upcycled the shorts I made for my son.


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