Late-night crafting

Last week, I ordered some fabric for the last Project Sewn challenge this season, my “signature style.” (Update: Read about my signature style outfit here!)  But I also ordered enough fabric to make my daughter a dress, and a matching outfit for my son. The dress I thought I could knock out quickly and easily, using patterns I already had (and had worked with previously), and since it is Memorial Day weekend, I thought I’d make it for her to wear for the holiday.

The “stars and stripes” dress is based off my reversible backless dress pattern, but this one is not reversible. I did a raw-edge applique for the stars on the front (the white is leftover linen from my 80s jacket), and made the cutout on the back in the shape of a star (the points stayed going the correct directions for today, but we’ll see what happens as she gets more wear out of it). Instead of a ribbon tie (which would obscure the star), I put in a snap. I top-stitched around the neckline and the star cutout with white thread to make it more stable and help the edge pop.

(Of course, having stayed up late to make a sundress, it was 40 degrees today. So she wore it with a long-sleeve tee and tights under. Sigh.)

Once I was done with the dress (which took about 3 hours – not bad!), my husband pointed out that our son had been waiting patiently for me to upcycle the old pants I mentioned in my mending post for, well, quite a long time. Of course, then I couldn’t go to bed until I had made him the shorts, so that he would have something new, too.

These were size 3T jeans, which had holes in the knees; I cut off the legs at the holes and evened them out. Then, since he now wears a 5T, I had to add to the waistline as well. He had picked out this Cars fabric, so I cut out two panels, one with each of his favorite Cars (Lightning McQueen and Mater) centered. I opened up the side seams of the pants on both sides, and added in the new panels.  Then I made a casing at the top of each panel to add a little elastic to the waistband, and made a cuff/binding for the bottom.

He loves the shorts (it was his idea to pose with Mater), and immediately had to know how the binding was made, so I showed him with a piece of construction paper how you can fold it so the edges are all encased 🙂

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