Project Sewn: Sundress


This week’s Project Sewn challenge was to make a sundress. Last year, I made my daughter this maxi dress, and made myself a matching skirt. When I posted photos, my friends suggested that I make a maxi skirt with the same skirt pattern, so I bought this fun quilting cotton (on sale at A.C. Moore, $10 for 3 yards!) with that intent. Unfortunately, that was August, and the fabric promptly found a home at the bottom of my stash, waiting for time/warm weather.


When I saw the sundress challenge, I immediately thought of this fabric, and decided that instead of making a shirred maxi skirt, I would make a shirred maxi dress. Now, one of the things that drives me nuts about shirred maxi dresses for women is that the shirring usually extends all the way around the chest, which I find a) really uncomfortable and b) stretches out too easily, so that you don’t get much wear out of the dress. So I shirred the top two inches, then left a gap on the front, then shirred down to just below my waist. The back I shirred all the way across. (To read more about the construction, check out my tutorial.)

I used my self-drafted inseam pocket pattern for the pockets, and left slits on the sides up to my knees for easy movement. The skirt is fairly slim, so even on a windy day (like it was today, when I was taking these photos) there’s no danger that it will be revealing, which in combination with the pockets means this is a great, comfortable, easy-to-wear dress.

If you like this dress, please go over to the Project Sewn site and check out the other sew-along members, and vote for your favorite (hopefully mine). Thanks!


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