Project Sewn, black and white: part 2


Woohoo! It’s the first ever Project Sewn contest, and this week’s theme, for both the designers and sew-alongers such as myself, is Black and White. This is one of those trends that I’ve been seeing all over the red carpet, and I don’t have too much of in my own closet, so it was fun to create something.

My dress is actually an upcycled project. I started with a very large black and white striped shirt and black linen skirt (which had been sitting on my mending pile ever since the elastic gave out in the waist).


First, I cut off the sleeves of the shirt into a halter style, and separated the front from the back at the side seams. I then used the bodice pattern piece from New Look 6723 to re-cut the front of the shirt to give it princess seams for a better fit, and pleated the back for the same reason. I cut the shirt off at an empire waist in the front, and dipped the back down a couple inches lower. (I kept the original collar and button-front.)

I cut the busted elastic waistband off the skirt and separated that at the side seams as well, then attached it to the bodice top and added in-seam pockets (since pockets are a must for every dress, really).


The belt/waistband (my favorite part) is based off this bow tutorial, but I modified it so that it matches the curved waistline of the dress in the back, and then attached it to the dress since there was no way it would stay in place otherwise. I used a bit of the leftover zebra striped microcord from this reversible dress my mom and I made for my daughter – I love how it ties into the black and white theme, and plays off the stripes in the shirt. I tied a bit of the leftover shirt fabric around my ponytail to keep it in theme 🙂


And here’s how it looks with a cropped wrap sweater (not made by me)… office-appropriate and comfortable, since our office always has the air conditioning blasting!

Update: I was featured on the Made for Mom series on Shaffer Sisters! Thank you so much!

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