Appliqued spring pillows


One of my aunts has been making home decor pillowcases for different seasons for a few years, and has sent me several, which I have gladly used to brighten up our living room for holidays from Christmas to Halloween to the Fourth of July.

However, she had not given me any spring pillowcases (I’m not calling these “Easter” pillowcases as I intend to leave them out all spring), so I set about making some for myself. I got a half yard of each of these fun coordinating fabrics (So St. Croix Carla Dot  in brown and aqua, along with Pin Dot in Hot Pink) from, and used my favorite envelope pillowcase tutorial as a base.

Once I had cut out the front and back panels (I reversed the fabrics on the back), I drafted a couple different sizes of flowers for appliques, some with individual petals and some as a solid piece so all four have a little personality, and then appliqued them on. I love how these turned out, and they aren’t too “Eastery” (no chicks or eggs FTW), so I’m definitely leaving them out in the living room until Memorial Day.

Of course, me being me, I didn’t get these started until the day before Easter (I prioritized finishing our dresses over home decor) and then had to compulsively knock out the pillowcases in a day… but I did get them done!

(These pillows were another source of the scrappy material I used for my daughter’s reversible dress, as I didn’t use quite as much pink as the other two fabrics – our living room is done in shades of brown and I didn’t want too much pink on the pillows.)

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