Stripey Cat

cat 2012-12-18 23.43.46

This was the first stuffed animal I ever made – a stripey cat for my baby nephew. It was also the second time I ever appliqued anything – his little eyes didn’t quite end up where I planned them to (as you can see from the difference between the top and bottom images) but I still think he turned out quite cute. He has a little stripey tail, too.

The colors pick up on the sheets I made for my nephew’s crib, and integrate some scrap blue striped seersucker along with the red and blue flannel from the sheets.

I used this stripey cat pattern (albeit with fewer stripes) and I would definitely make this cat again. It’s a very easy pattern – only two pieces, the main body and the tail – which makes it easy to play with and make it fun with the stripes and face. Now that I know what I’m doing with applique, I think it would turn out even cuter, and going all out with the stripes would be fun, too.

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