Easter “formal” dress

easter-outfit easter-dress

This Easter dress was totally inspired by the display at JoAnn’s. You know, the display right by the entrance, where they try to entice you to buy the new fabrics and patterns by making a couple of them and putting them on the mannequins? Well, I usually walk straight on by those, but this time, I was enticed. I fell in love with the pink ruffled knit fabric they had on display and thought it would make a great Easter dress for my daughter.

Little did I know that this fabric would be such a beast to work with. I was originally going to make a simple shift dress just like on the mannequin, but the neckline just would not work right with the bias cut knit, so I added this shawl collar (sewing it on by hand to the existing neckline). I think it turned out very well, considering how much the fabric and I fought.

I cut the knit on the bias for the shift portion of the dress, so the ruffles would be on a diagonal. The matching leggings are upcycled; my daughter had outgrown these leggings and they were several inches too short. I cut off the leggings at the knees and added the pink ruffled fabric below the knee.

She’s wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath to accommodate the cold weather, but this dress should carry her through the summer since she can easily wear it without the shirt or leggings.

Of course, no little girl’s Easter outfit would be complete without a matching purse:


The purse is lined and the drawstring is made from the ruffled knit, so it is very stretchy and fun!

And two matching doll outfits, too! The first one is in the top photo and this is the second:

easter-dress-dollThe doll dress is only bias cut on the front and features a mini shawl collar; the leggings are again upcycled, from another old pair of my daughter’s leggings. While my daughter’s dress pulls over her head, the back of the doll dresses use velcro to shut so they are easy for my daughter to put on and off. The doll dress is based off this American Girl t-shirt pattern from Liberty Jane (lengthened and without sleeves).

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