Easter “formal” dress, part 2: My dress


For my own Easter dress this year, I wanted to tie in the stripes from my daughter’s dress and the colors (green, blue, pink) from my son’s shirt (picked up on sale at Gymboree a couple years ago for $4). I also was intrigued by the vintage style dresses where the pattern goes one direction on the bodice and another on the bottom. I found this striped chiffon fabric and thought it would work well, mixed with some sheer blue chiffon.

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Christmas ensemble, part 2: My daughter’s dress and jacket


For my daughter’s dress, I used the reverse side of the same polka dot fabric that I used for my top and skirt. The dress features a standard bodice with a round neckline, an A-line skirt, and is sleeveless. It has reverse pleats along the waistband for some visual interest.

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Jackie Rabbit

bunny_final bunny_progress

My daughter’s kindergarten class was tasked with “stuffed animals” for the theme of their basket for a school basket auction fundraiser, and rather than go and buy a stuffed animal, I thought it would be more fun (and more unique) to donate one that I had made.

I found this great Jack Rabbit softie pattern, and used various scraps of fabric that I had on hand (most left over from my daughter’s Rapunzel Halloween costume), I made this little pink-and-purple bunny. I think she’s more of a Jackie Rabbit than a Jack Rabbit 🙂

I embroidered the eyes instead of using buttons, to make this more all-ages suitable, and only ran into one mishap (which the pattern had explicitly warned against) – I accidentally sewed one of the ears into a side seam. But luckily it was an easy thing to fix. The kids and I had great fun stuffing the bunny, although the leg joints are tiny – I used a funnel to get the stuffing in the legs.

This was a great pattern, and I will definitely make more of these little bunnies in the future as gifts – I wanted to make more for Easter this year, but the timing just didn’t work out. Maybe for next year!

Custom girl’s reversible dresses, part 2


I modified my size 7 pattern to a size 4 (ish) and a size 2t (or so), for the two custom dresses I’m working on.

All four total “sides” of the two dresses are now at least cut out, and some pieces are even sewn together 🙂

The above photo is the four bodices… The Lightning McQueen dress is my kids’ favorite, and one of my favorite things I have made, ever. The kids told me I should make “One hundred and one thousand” like it. Anyone want a Lightning McQueen dress?

Quick smock fix

Took a quick break today from pattern modification and cutting out dresses. My son’s preschool uses smocks that velcro closed in the back… Or at they used to velcro closed, but the velcro had given out. The teachers had been using anything from binder clips to duct tape to keep the smocks on, so I volunteered to fix them. Eight smocks came home with my son on Friday.

Here is the before:

And here is one of the afters:

All eight are now done and ready to be dropped back off tomorrow morning!

Stripey Cat

cat 2012-12-18 23.43.46

This was the first stuffed animal I ever made – a stripey cat for my baby nephew. It was also the second time I ever appliqued anything – his little eyes didn’t quite end up where I planned them to (as you can see from the difference between the top and bottom images) but I still think he turned out quite cute. He has a little stripey tail, too.

The colors pick up on the sheets I made for my nephew’s crib, and integrate some scrap blue striped seersucker along with the red and blue flannel from the sheets.

I used this stripey cat pattern (albeit with fewer stripes) and I would definitely make this cat again. It’s a very easy pattern – only two pieces, the main body and the tail – which makes it easy to play with and make it fun with the stripes and face. Now that I know what I’m doing with applique, I think it would turn out even cuter, and going all out with the stripes would be fun, too.

Christmas ensemble, part 1: My top and skirt


I’m very excited about the new “Project Sewn” website! A sewing competition site for adult clothes, from the minds behind “Project Run and Play“? Could it get any more fun?

The first post on Project Sewn is a link-up for clothes that we sewers have made for ourselves. This outfit was the first time I made separates for myself on my sewing machine – I had hand-sewn skirts for myself before, but never made a top.

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